Star Business Consulting was founded with the key principle of collaboration. Through consulting, partnering and coaching with the current business leaders, owners and various advisers, we unlock and achieve higher business potential thus creating business hyper growth and success. 

This will improve the lifestyle and joy of the general community.

Steve Fleetwood is the Founder of “Star Business Consulting”. After starting his own first company at age 22 and grew a Private Boutique Investment Advisory company. By early 30’s his clients consisted of National and International CEOs companies managing 10’s of millions of dollars of clients capital whilst National ASX CEO’s would come and visit and advise of their vision for their business.

After selling his company, he spent time with his daughter, surfing, travelling the globe (trekking across east Africa, Asia) and begun his own life coaching business. At seminars and workshops business owners would come and ask very basic questions about business growth and improvement. And Star Business Consulting was born!

He has consulted and coached, Master Psychologists, CEO’s, GM’s, Life Coaches, 3 Telstra Business women (2 winners and 1 runner up) of the year.  He has been asked to give International Talks and has been giving open public talks, group work shops, seminars and teaching courses including tai chi and kung fu (a personal passion to keep fit and healthy in spirit not just mental, emotional and physical).

He loves surfing, jogging, tai chi, Kung Fu (soft and hard style) and being the first to laugh at the movies. His daughter Charlotte looks like an reincarnated version of “Tinker Bell” but with double the attitude!



Steve Fleetwood, Founding Director,

DFP, G Cert BA.