Success Continuum

4 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The second being “High positive emotional energy builds momentum“.

You being the leader of your organisation have to exhibit a core leadership skill of setting the tone for your culture. Having a positive mind set not only builds inner momentum but your clients and employees “link into” your beliefs and thus your emotional charge that you are using for your business (success, joy, peace, love, compassion, service).

Thus its imperative you have high positive emotional energy which then evolves you into one of the 7 Business Leadership styles of “Emotional Intelligence Genius” for your organisation. This linking into the emotional energy you bring to your business and the community sets you apart from your competitors via lifting you above the crowd whom focus on why it cant be done or its not achievable.

It is and becomes a self renewing and rejuvenating process (that the higher flow of emotional energy) you can utilise as resource to break through existing barriers and also build into new frontiers of market and market development. Thus ensuring one of the key sustainable competitive advantages you have control of is to focus your thought patterns onto the higher emotional energies and beliefs.

Once you have mastered this process of being the emotional leader for your organisation, you will notice something very unique and strange happen. That is you will become a primary influencer through being the emotional leader and the thought leader (emotional and mental plane) which will develop your “Marketing Guru” Business Leadership style. Each Business Leadership style can influence and develop each other in a very positive way through the confluence of blending, weaving, templating and patterning each other.

This creates an upward spiral leading to more success and thus your in the “Hyper Growth Zone” and flow!



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