Success Continuum

6 Apr 2017


Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The fourth being “Clarity accelerates growth“.

Having a clear understanding of your market, sales position, needs and wants of your clients and customers puts you in the shoes of the thinking of your best clients. Clarity assists with whats coming up for your organisation whether its seasonal planning, new trends from overseas or an industry wide change that is sweeping through.

Clear, concise awareness and understanding leading to clarity is the name of game, this ensures your in front of the curve and can adjust, adapt and be pre-emptive with your strategies and planning. Having forethought doesn’t mean you can close a particular pathway down, just the opposite the more you can multi-path and multi-branch from three or four main themes allows you to see a blend and mix of possible strategies before you.

Whether you utilise clarity for simple day to day activities with prioritising clients and employees or long reach and term planning. It is a vital skill, ability and quality to develop being a business owner. This principle allows faster, more efficient and effective utilisation of your business resources including financial, technological and human.

Hyper growth requires you to think beyond your current skills, abilities, innate talents and gifts. And clarity gives you the confidence to dive deep into the unknown, ambiguous and curious aspects of new business development and markets. Business success built through clarity will give you a unique position on the market as you will be able to “size up an opportunity”, not due to past pattern recognition and instant awareness, but a fundamental skill of seeing the situation with objective detached eyes and evaluation.

Pattern recognition is important but so is approaching situations with objectivity, detachment and newness. Build clarity into your business culture and watch your business thrive!

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