Success Continuum

7 Apr 2017


Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The fifth being “Constancy creates opportunities“.

Having disclipline and focus after you have developed your strategic objectives is required to begin growth then to hyper growth. Through constancy many wonderous things being to unfold before you.You begin to see new patterns emerge that could be an even faster way to grow and you will notice your plans unfold and develop further.

Constancy also builds team cohesion, collaboration, “VFT” (very fast train) momentum and self belief that you can push through to new heights for your business. A ritual of energy can also be formed and create new powerful habit forces like yearly, quarterly or monthly strategic awareness meetings. Constancy with KPI’s, Score Card records, PESTEL analysis and evaluation keep your business honest and extremely objective to the market and their forces. This increases clarity and spirals upwards to new levels of growth, understanding and awareness.

Constancy can also be applied with new perspectives for looking for new trends and implement these constantly and strategically well (i.e. coming back from a conference and seeing lots of new ideas but never implementing them). One client whom we turned his business around and increase his sales by 18%/ month compound in the first three months, we instigated a “constancy program” on his high profit and low maintenance clients. We shifted focus, discipline and energy and were consistent for 90 days!

This resulted in exceptional results and having to employ new staff. Being consistent with the culture of thoroughness is part of the formula for “ground breaking” new forests of success  and hyper growth. Constancy is a key culture requirement for shifting your business to a new level of exceptional performance across many areas.


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