Success Continuum

10 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The sixth being “Envision your future self daily‚Äú.

Utilising your visionary skills to tune into future potentials and possibilities is important talent to develop to have hyper growth in your business. The more you utilise vision and imagination the quicker your more effecient, productive and effective idea’s and strategies can be seen and implemented.

Spend 5 minutes a day asking your self “whats most important for my future business to be successful?”. Then write down any ideas that may come to you. If you have a stream of ideas ensure you spend another 2-5 minutes sitting in the space of the outcomes already achieved. This will give you a sense of the energies and qualities being developed and the form, function, structures and strategies that need to be developed and implemented.

Creating the path by allowing yourself some time to spend time in the visionary space will also highlight key areas of your business that also can be improved quickly and efficiently. This will lead to broader applications, understanding and awareness for multiple aspects of your business to ensure your business is cohesive and in alignment with your new vision for your business.

This can be simple as having your national sales team meetings in one state rather than monthly webinars. Or, having everyone invited on what sort of culture we wish to develop for your business. Cohesiveness, intergration and synergy will be shown as you spend more time with your future successful self and business.

Also, by spending time with your future self through the utilisation of imagination, you might see aspects of yourself that you have forgotten about and wish to develop and bring to the fore for the business to grow even faster. Whether that maybe public speaking, writing, sales management and training. Your higher visionary mind has no limits as it deals with essence whilst you deal with practical, pragmatic and profitable form.




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