Success Continuum

11 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The seventh being “Rejuvenate your business by rejuvenating your spirit”.

For Hyper Growth your business has to be constant, with all parts of your business being well integrated, synergised and forming a cohesive organisation.However, even the most elite business must look after the golden goose (you and your staff) which gives you the golden eggs at a high rate of production, productivity and profitability.

Constant positive energy output flowing into your organisation by yourself and the other business leaders are required. However, if your battery isn’t constantly renewed you will be dipping into reserves and eventually taking from the business rather than giving. Its imperative for you and your business to maintain a high level of growth that it is constantly renewed.

This can be a simple philosophy of every aspect of your life be in balance, harmony and integrated (physical (nutrition, fitness), emotional, mental, spiritual, social, financial). If any area is not as fit and healthy then other aspects compensate (e.g. bad eating habits for emotional comfort or suppression).  This will drain and slow your organisations growth and improvement. A simple quick rating could be to utilise the classical circle-grid rating to quickly see where you are out of balance.

Questions to ask quickly could be, How do I maintain my staff’s high moral and culture when we are not hitting our peak performance goals. What are my rejuvenating and reinvigorating styles and strategies?

Some of our strategies are simple, staggered profit share amongst ALL participants with a weighted voting system. It could also be flexitime, organisation retreats, weekend getaways, Friday night nibbles and drinks, competition prizes. The soft skills are just and even some times more important than the hard skills and achievements (KPI’s, revenue growth).

Each are required for Hyper Growth (soft and hard  elements to your business )  to be streamlined, consistent, constant and naturally flowing. For this to be accomplished Rejuvenation is a priority and important for you, your staff and your business.




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