Success Continuum

19 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The tenth being “Be Decisive, when its obvious“.

Strike fast, hard and large when opportunities come to you that are simple, obvious and in your circle of competance. Dont play the small game if you want hyper growth for your business.

Sometimes the universe will test your “think big” qualities, belief and confidence. Be strong and confident in your inherent capabilities whilst you continually work on areas for growth for your business, self and staff. Being decisive is a key ingredient for Hyper growth for your business. Even if you don’t achieve  your objectives or only 80%, what you will come to notice is the feeling when its a “set up play” for you to step into hyper growth.

The energy and alignment will feel, seem very different in comparison to when its going to “Not work out”. A natural flow and rhythm will be instigated and the opportunity before you will unfold well. In essence, the more you master the quality of Excellent Decisive Decision making your business will have only one choice to be in constant hyper growth.

And, if your decision isn’t the best, you will learn quickly how to make excellent decisive decisions as you will have a bank of skill, knowledge, experience all equalling “Expertise” to utilise and call upon in unique and uncharted territories.

Qualities that enhance good decisive decision  making are, belief, intuition, vision, confidence, courage, awareness and understanding, curiosity. Remember it has to be in your “Circle of Competence”, otherwise pause and think critically and intuitively then evaluate.




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