Success Continuum

20 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The eleventh being “Empowerment is in the Detail“.

The devel-god is in the detail, is an old saying meaning, empowerment from looking at the fine print and details is required to make excellent decisions.

Details are important for Hyper growth, if you miss a simple calculation for your strategy planning (e.g. costs blow out that were missed, documents with fine print when doing JV’s and so on) you could miss a vital component.

The more details and variables you consider the more empowered you are to make excellent short and long term decisions. Having a broad overview of the landscape (is just as important) and losing oneself in the details still has to be considered. A fine balance between each is imperative, i.e. big picture vs fine detail evaluation and management.

We have lost count how many times we have saved organisations money and freed up cash flow when looking at their profit and loss statement and started tracking expenses to the source and quickly saved instant cash flow for reorganising costs (e.g. rent-leases, loan structure arrangements, debtors-creditors and so on).

Prior planning ensures greater success and size of success, and detail is one of the key aspects, especially with new budgeting forecasts. Conservative projections for exogenous events (unforeseeable-uncontrollable events) and their details are all a key aspect for this to “work out well”.

Also, details can also be a key aspect to look in greater detail (pun intended) for when to say no to a “New Way Forward”. Turning down new pathways can be just as profitable as travelling down new ones.

The Devil and God are in the detail for your own empowerment!


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