Success Continuum

21 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Hyper Growth principles to employ for your organisation (just like their are 7 Business Leadership Styles). The final being “Look for opportunities in a difficult economic environment”.

The mindset of the best Hyper growth business leaders have a self and market awareness that is unique. They are continuously looking for opportunities, possibilities and potentialities. This forces them to think Beyond “Emerging and New Market Development”.

Shift to a market entrepreneur and develop your creative juices. Which is a fundamental skill of a Entrepreneur Leader.

Think possibilities and potentialities and spend time in that future potential to sense all its aspects and elements that are required and treasures that it has for you. Being opportunistic does not guarantee hyper growth or even success, however it starts, builds and develops the higher momentum path for you to strategically develop, align and create.

Having an opportunistic mind set is imperative for hyper Growth (that is sensing, knowing, being aware and open). The fundamentals of belief and confidence are still required. However, you may miss a “golden opportunity” whether its obvious or subtle as it comes by if your NOT OPEN to new ideas and strategies.

Being Opportunistic in your daily fame work of “what comes across your desk” will change your business very quickly as your no long playing by “past rules and paradigms”. Looking at current and past events with OPPORTUNISTIC GLASSES will open you the business leader to higher flow and thus accelerate your business growth and sales even further (e.g. JV’s vs Partnerships, contractors vs employees, Co-opetition vs Collaboration vs Competition).

Be Open, Opportunistic and watch your business develop and implement new and old characteristics that you currently didn’t know that were available to you. That is cultivate self directed evolution and improvement to become more of a market shaker and maker than taker.

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