Success Continuum

26 Apr 2017

Their are 12 Business Culture Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like their are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The first being “Expect the Best and insist on Excellence”

You being the leader of the business set the tone, environment and the culture of the organisation. Expecting the best from yourself and staff creates an energy through out your organisation that has high impact on all you think, say and do.

Insisting on Excellence from yourself first, sets a high standard that your employees and key staff will RESPECT, admire and follow. Leadership by example is a powerful tonic for cleansing your organisaton of toxic and destructive behavour patterns.,

Expectation creates a self fulfilling and upward spiral for continuous improvement Lead by yourself! This can be in Sales conversion, seminar attendance, new project implementation, marketing results and so on. Expectation changes your sub conscious radar and embedding it with excellence is a double synergistic formulation. Each amplifies, supports, compliments each other.

Your mind is a radar seeking and belief projection mechanism. Become the creator of its program and by utilising this cultural development quality. As you are the Leader, its up to you to BE the change and director of the new thoughts, innovation, marketing and sales programs and so on. Excellence and Expectation of the best is a powerful formula for creating new culture beliefs in your organisation.

Unconscious and Subtle negative culture development is very important to be aware of. Whether its from a key employee, the market or your own fears feeding into you business. Rewrite your organisations paradigms, beliefs Consciously through utilising Expectations and Excellence. Your unique Leadership style (see our other Blogs on what Leadership style you are) is needed, requested and called for.

Think Deeply and simply on what cultural organisation you wish to go to work to everyday and begin creating NOW through expecting the best and Insisting on Excellence.


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