Success Continuum

27 Apr 2017

There are 12 Business Culture Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The Second being “Be Open, aware and empathic”.

Having a culture of inclusiveness, awareness and empathy shifts the focus from independence to interdependence. This allows easier access to your employee’s heart and spirit than just body and intellect

The energy generated through a “greater purpose” motivation is much higher and uplifts your culture to very high heights. This creates and builds large momentum for achieving goals and objectives. This greater purpose sense of motivation can be only access through the heart and spirit and not just body and intellect.

To punch through or create new levels of motivation, dedication, determination has to come from these higher levels. This will even allow you generate more success and momentum once you have mastered instilling this culture into your organisation. As the Leader of your business, you have to be the first to access this cause based and higher greater purpose. And this could be simple as wanting the best design, product or service for your clients and the community.

Having continuous improvement meetings every month OR yearly retreats allows your culture to develop and bring in new beliefs, thoughts and ideas in an inclusive way that can inspire your team members or your Key staff. Getting to know each other in a relaxed and social atmosphere opens up people to greater aspects of themselves and thus your organisation profits from greater diversity and richness.

Culture evolution is imperative for your organisations growth and health. It instils a belief and joy of a greater purpose and success, which then can be utilised for hyper growth for your business.

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