Success Continuum

1 May 2017

There are 12 Business Culture Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The Third being “soft and hard qualities are to be valued equally”.

Hard qualities are critical for a business’s survival and growth. Kpi’s, Sales growth, market expansion, return on capital, profit per employee. High analytics and metrics are extremely valuable for excellent resource allocation.

However, soft skills are equally important as the fuel for your organisation of the purpose of your organisations growth, development and improvement. Managing staff with respect, honesty and thoughtfulness will bring back rewards not expected.

If your business was a 2100 Mercedes’s but the fuel (the soft skills-energy) your putting into it was fuel from 1920’s would destroy your unique and beautiful business. All your exceptional planning and metric evaluation would be wasted.

Soft skills are key to the hyper growth of your business due to their very nature of bringing in more enthusiasm, belief, trust and respect. Which give fuel to motivation, dedication and determination. This is required if your to begin, sustain and grow your business into hyper growth levels.

Hard skills can easily be focused on due their very nature of being open, easy to understand to read and measure. That is they are tangible in comparison to soft skills by their nature being intangible (not metric based, but nonetheless the sense of them is still very noticeable through the emotional, mental and spiritual plane).

The integration and synergising of them both is the next level in high and successful application. This can be utilising weekend away retreats for using a “soft” approach for setting strategic growth plans and their respective implementation requirements.

And feedback with respect to your employees with the focus of 4-5 ratio of good results and qualities for 1 area of improvement. Long term, tough love-soft love and leadership by example will be easier to choose on a case by case basis as you master higher soft and hard forms of cultural leadership.

Soft and Hard skills development, implementation and improvement are both equally important for hyper Growth for your business.


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