Success Continuum

11 May 2017

There are 12 Business Cultural Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The fifth being “Enthusiasm, Excitement and Elation”.

You setting the tone, ambience, atmosphere and mood of your business sometimes takes great mental strength and effort to push through disappointments and setbacks. This is natural and a part of life. However, you have the opportunity at any given moment to switch notes and tones for yourself and your business.

In your mind connect to a powerful and empowering saying, thought and mantra to create and BE the embodiment of “Enthusiasm, Excitement and Elation” for your clients, employees and all stakeholders.

Being the Emotional Cultural Leader will require periodically substantial mental and emotional strength , however, these moments pass and your “rocking and rolling into your high rhythm” of hyper growth and enthusiasm, excitement and elation as you and your business strives, drives and thrives in your business environment.

The energy of enthusiasm is required on a daily basis, you being the leader must realise that your business is the physical manifestation of the energy that you’re putting out into the community. It is a choice in any given moment what you’re going to choose to connect too, amplify, grow and develop. Awareness is the key here, so be aware what’s around and what’s happening to your energy, mood and thoughts. Enthusiasm is contagious and required for hyper growth and for your cultural development.

Excitement is unique in that it uplifts but can also give people the ability to see beyond their current circumstances and thus inspire for a greater outcome. It is contagious and helps instill a belief that all is possible. Your business culture’s facets (different aspects and elements) are yours to create, so get “Excited” about what you can create.

Elation can be utilised to create euphoria and thus take your organisation even higher in the emotional experience spectrum. Has your business hit any goals that were so high that elation and euphoria ensued. This may seem so out of reach, but it’s there for the grasping and taking.

Remember, you’re the leader, so you create and design the Culture and evolutionary steps. Now and in the future, “Business Culture” is an imperative and key standard for your business to step into Business Hyper Growth. Be smart, clever and wise and choose wisely what you want to develop.


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