Success Continuum

12 May 2017

There are 12 Business Cultural Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The sixth being “Joy, peace and grace”.

Being an avatar, leader or example for your business will require you to embody and imbed some very high emotional energies like Joy, Peace and grace. This is important for your cultural evolution for your business and yourself. We had a client whom had gone from 300 employees to 130 employees. And knowing it starts with the top-“the CEO”. He hadn’t developed these higher emotional qualities and was wondering why he had lost so many employees.

It’s imperative to embrace these higher qualities for your organisation and let them flow out to the community. There will be challenges and that’s part of the growth of self through the business and its expansion. However, having a symbol, a fundamental belief, or mantra to utilise when your under fire (e.g. employees not happy with current working or paying conditions) allows you to keep cool, calm and collected.

Joy, Peace and Grace lead to the next higher cultural aspect that is imperative for hyper growth and this can’t be instilled unless the other  core foundations are imbedded  in your culture. Each builds upon each other, strengthening and reinforcing your organisation to begin, keep and accelerate growth.

Your business is unique and special, so ensure that you choose some of the best cultural alignments you can think of and the emotional essences you want for your organisation. Choose people and staff whom have similar or new emotional qualities that are underdeveloped for your business to ensure your business is rich and alive with vibrancy.

You’re the leader, so you set the tone, ambience and you create the cultural evolution standards.



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