Success Continuum

17 May 2017

There are 12 Business Cultural Growth qualities to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles and 12 Business Hyper Growth principles). The ninth being “Respect, Appreciation and Value differences”.

Cultural diversity is key for the future due to new clientele, market expansion and greater perspective. However the respect, appreciation and valuing differences (understanding) must be a cultural philosophy that is embedded, embodied, imbued and applied.

Globalisation is here and it’s permanent due to the digital age we live in. Embrace diversity and all it has to offer for your business to grow. Everyone is unique and we have seen many times at board meetings someone from a completely different culture come up with ideas for new markets or product innovation that could not be seen by previous members.

Strength in Unity is also a key fundamental that will need to be applied to embrace and utilise respect, appreciation and valuing differences. Culture evolution is one of the key strategies for the future and respecting, appreciating and valuing differences is a core pillar and fundamental that is required to step into hyper growth.

Respecting, appreciating and valuing your clientele is an integral cultural philosophy for your business. However, business’s number one asset is their employees. With one client the CEO of a very successful company did not value his employee’s and lost over 50% of his employees. This is a key business factor of when Leadership has lost sight of higher principles and philosophies.

The business was faltering and yet had great ideas, great market positions and was well known as the number one in the state and easily in the top 5 in Australia (From 300 employees down to 130 in 2 years). Culture is extremely important to maintain and must be taken care of (i.e. soft skills and hard skills are both equally important). Otherwise your business will not reach full potential and perhaps even go backwards with lack of respect, appreciation and valuing people.

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