Success Continuum

25 May 2017

There are 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles and 12 Cultural Growth qualities). The first being “Master evaluation of markets and clientele”.

This key Sales principle will save you much in resources (e.g. time, money and human). And will show you where to invest your resources best thus ensuring hyper growth in Sales. Sales is influence and with buyer and provider each coming together for a mutual and equal gain. This is a natural law.

Evaluating high profit and low maintenance client to low profit and high maintenance client is first step to understanding your clients. A simple quadrant table with the qualities and elements for each quadrant keeps it simple, fast, efficient and effective. With this one strategy, we increased a client’s sales by 10% compounding for three months and did a fast “Turnaround” for his organisation.

Sales hyper growth will require you to think objectively, strategically and tactically. You will have to balance short term with long term reaching goals. Having both short and long term pathways well thought out will allow for instant growth and sustainable hyper growth no matter your core competencies and market forces that are in effect.

By analysing your clientele and market it begins the flow on and cascade effect of hyper growth through “cloak switching” or “seeing your market through client’ perspective”. This will increase the value of your product and service (and business) naturally as the benefits will be balanced between yourself and your client.

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