Success Continuum

29 May 2017

There are 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles and 12 Cultural Growth qualities).

The Third being “Deliver the best value to your clients”. By delivering exceptional value to clients, your clients will sense this philosophy from your business and will create what’s called “profitable loyalty”. This is when the emotional connection is so strong it builds your brand power (which then develops to market power to earnings power). As well, the expense of obtaining a new client is over 6-times the cost of an existing “loyal client”.

By delivering the best value (whilst your return on capital objectives are achieved) ensures the principle and philosophy of continuous improvement (to keep “in front of the curve with high level of standards” ) and also general business improvement (e.g. systems, procedures and protocols. i.e. becoming “paper less”) in the forefront of your mind.

This will also require to focus your attention on future market potentials when evaluating how to “deliver best value to your clients”. As it require your business to look to future developments in its product and services. This matching of “blue ocean” future markets and current core competencies whilst delivering “Best value to clients” will put your business in hyper growth sales flow.

The starting point for assessing your value to your clients is simple. Evaluate your clients as per high profit and low maintenance as per last post. Then assess your current market and each unique and best delivery of product or service, then go from there (i.e. is there anything your competition is doing that you like and are impressed with ? Is this easily imitable and worthwhile?).

Hyper growth in sales requires a unique and best value delivery to your client’s philosophy mind set for your business. As this will ensure continuous success via high integrity to market and clientele.

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