Success Continuum

6 Jun 2017

There are 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles and 12 Cultural Growth qualities).

The Fifth being “Understand and apply metrics and analytics well”. Sales requires you to understand fundamentals of your financials of your business. At the beginning of calendar or financial year having your key financial metrics worked out is key. That is your financial objectives have to be worked backwards. Your end point in 3-5 years then broken down to yearly then quarterly-monthly measurements.

This simple and fundamental exercise is a key for hyper growth in sales. Very quickly you will see what resources will be required e.g. number of sales people, sales training for outstanding performance, service and support through and after the sales process.

This will also start you thinking on solutions and strategies which is the stimulant for hyper growth and a natural imperative to “continually move forward” and progress. You will shift to what’s possible now to what’s possible in the future. And thus develop further your visionary Entrepreneurial Self.

One company we were working with wanted to sell their business for over 50% of its book value for a two person operation. This was unheard of for his industry and also the size. However, after we worked on his sales strategy (and marketing) his business grew so fast (over 50% in 6 months) he no longer wanted to sell.

We were able to do this through simple easy planning and reworking his sales and marketing positioning. And then refocus his efforts strategically. After the first three months of adjustments of this new strategy, his business began to take off and he realised that the potential was enormous and no longer wanted to sell.

Simple analytics and metrics are required for Hyper Growth for your business, Master these and learn how to apply resources better, then watch your business step in Hyper Growth.



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