Success Continuum

7 Jun 2017

There are 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles and 12 Cultural Growth qualities).

The sixth being “Develop and improve your core competencies “. When you first started your business you bet on yourself that you knew that you had a few core competencies that would make your business excel and grow fast.

Ensure with your business planning and strategising you can easily identify and verbalise these with new clients and customers. What is a core competency? Simple, it’s where you know you will be better than 9/10 competitors by a considerable margin!

This is one of your sustainable competitive advantages you must keep improving for Sales Hyper Growth. It’s an imperative that you keep improving otherwise the competition will catch up and improve on what you have done already. This can be as simple as customer service, excellent digital marketing, and excellent relationship development skills for Centre’s of Influence.

Having a clear understanding and awareness of your core competencies will put you in front of the curve of most businesses. And, will be a spring board and launching pad to develop existing and new competencies as you will now have a clear framework to work from.

This will assist in Sales Hyper Growth as you will have a more mature discerning evaluation skills of how to and where to compete with a legitimate chance of making a dent in the new or existing market. This will allow you to charge above markets rates if your core competency is exceptional.

A core compentency of a previous client was she was excellent in social networking and media development. She quickly went from a local community expert on the radio to national expert to now international expert speaking in New York and Dubai on Relationship matters. She stuck with her core competencies and kept developing them to now become an International expert.

Utilising your core competency will build Brand and Market Power quickly and you can utilise this verve to build new ones even faster due to the momentum of the previous expertise already developed. Thus Hyper Growth is Sales grows quicker once you begin this pathway of Core Competency development.

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