Success Continuum

25 Oct 2017


There are 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles and 12 Cultural Growth qualities).

The eleventh being “Ask for the business and referrals”. Ask and you shall receive is a cornerstone philosophy that is to be implemented in the culture of your organisation-business. The relationship dynamic for asking requires the prospect to seriously consider your proposal and thus take the sale dynamic up a few levels in importance.

The soft sell and the hard sell can both work. And in fact, both are required to run a successful organisation. Whether it’s your developing your networks or simply a new high tier-1 clientele these fundamental skills are required to ensure a continuous high hit rate for conversion for your business.

Clients are never or rarely offended or think less of your business if you “Ask for the business” as they are mature and understand your product of service is a needed function in the market. Your value equation to your client (whether solving a need or improving the clients condition) will always be very high as you have developed a “Focus on the best interest of your client Culture”.

The attitude of expectation is also enormously powerful in the sale process. It builds in the clients mind a new future with utilising your services and “cement” this quickly and early. Your business serves the community in many ways and thus asking for the sale is a natural extension or nest step in this relationship development.

Also, you’r not “closing the sale” your “Opening the relationship”, or in other words a lifelong client is significantly more valuable to your business (approximately 500%-1000%, before sale multiple!). Thus the inner psychology or mind set or attitude towards your client should be of one of friendship!


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