Success Continuum

7 Nov 2017

Design and Develop a simple and ingenious Marketing plan

By designing and developing a Marketing plan, your self-awareness of your market and business ability to meet needs, wants and desires of the market place will increase exponentially. Uncovering the current market forces in play will also assist with your new marketing plan.

For business’s with revenue sub $ 1 million a 1 page executive summary will be enough for your marketing plan. Whilst greater revenue will require more sophistication, complexity but also a need for simplicity as well.

Start your marketing plan from both a top down and bottom up perspective that is, strategic and tactical. Strategic, design and develop from the future with developing new core competencies. Tactical, design and develop with your current strengths and maximise them now!

Utilising a blend of simplicity and ingenious marketing plan will force you as the owner of the business to start utilising the blend of your natural creative intelligence with your natural creative intuition! This blend puts you and your business in a unique market position, profile and promotional strategies going forward.

Your marketing plan will increase your focus and thus harness your business’s natural brand power to create quick market power. Market position and influence can be developed quickly if, you’re focused and consistent. This is a key element, if you diversify too quickly you may dilute your resources.

Your marketing plan will entail a situational analysis and evaluation. Broad scope or wide angle lens perspective gives you the opportunity to look at future developments clearer and may open up new markets for you, whether with new product and service development or slight adjustments to your current products and services.

The future of marketing for hyper growth will belong to those whom can adapt quickly whilst still be focused and harness their advantages to add value to the market! Simple and Ingenious marketing plans assist with this development for your business to thrive quickly!


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