Success Continuum

7 Dec 2017


There are 12 Marketing Strategies for Business Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles, 12 Cultural Growth qualities and 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth).

The seventh being, utilise your Business Culture and its evolution to enhance your Marketing Strategy. You have now implemented your marketing plan, have feedback and now wish to further exceed your kpi’s, metrics and objective. Your business culture is your internal fortitude, strength and character you can call upon to push to new levels and limits.

Your Business culture can be utilised to make sure your marketing plan exceeds your expectations. This can be done simply by having group marketing and feedback meetings and utilise the Group heart mind and the group higher mind process. In MBA terms they call this “Group think”, however this is a more diverse and spontaneous plan, structure and process.

One simple process can be to transcend your current forest and look at the forests around and the new treasure chests and focus on ideas that are beyond the current “Forrest” your marketing too. This will then enable you to provide “strategic marketing links” to from the now to the future you desire, i.e. you create the narrative (via your marketing program) to begin creating new market awareness.

Utilise your culture to enhance your marketing strategy (this may take some several years to transform the culture, i.e. where is your culture evolution plan? You have a Business and Marketing plan!), however the positive momentum and throughput to your marketing strategies will be greatly enhanced.

One simple culture embodiment we have seen work over and over again (which we have taken from IBM) is that “Anything’s possible and ALL ideas are valid in the formulation stage”. This allows people to really “stretch their thinking”! And, go for it!

Improve your Culture so you can then utilise this resource in your strategic marketing plan!




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