Success Continuum

12 Dec 2017

There are 12 Marketing Strategies for Business Hyper Growth to employ for your organisation (just like there are 7 Business Leadership Styles, 12 Business Hyper Growth principles, 12 Cultural Growth qualities and 12 Strategies for Sales Hyper Growth).

You have begun to utilise your culture’s natural higher mind and heart mind. Now you begin one the highest form and function to the market. That is utilising one of the Natural Entrepreneurial Leadership styles “The Visionary” and the “Marketing Guru” aspect.

However, you will do this at a group level to begin creating “The Ground Breaker”, the first of its mold and type. As you have moved your business from the “Market Taker” to the “Market Maker” to the “Market Shaker”.  Through utilising these aspects and begin your new “Marketing Guru” core competencies through continual refinement and progression, you will see a shift in your staff and your culture.

This can be simple as unlocking and unleashing your employee’s natural creative gifts or receiving feedback from the market to give you and your business inspiration to continual progression and growth.

Continual development of “The Visionary” and the “Marketing Guru” for your business will ensure your always receiving insight, inspiration for continual development and improvement of your Brand. As Brand power leads to Marketing power then to Earnings power then to Social empowerment.

Thus, these attributes and core competencies will keep you in the space for your market as “The Market Ground Breaker” and keeping you in front of the business improvement curve. Merck has 10-15 year investment in their RnD projects and traditional Discounted Cash flow valuations to estimate whether a project will be a good return on invested capital is nearly impossible to formulate, calculate and predict.

However, their “Visionary” and “Marketing Guru” attributes are so refined and developed they “KNOW” the market and create a new market for their products and bring them to the market exceptionally well.

Continual Refinement and Progression at the group level will ensure your business steps into business hyper growth.


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